Analysis Of The 1997 Science Fiction Film Contact Starring Jodie Foster And Matthew Mcconaughey

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The 1997 science fiction film Contact starring Jodie Foster and Matthew Mcconaughey is a thrilling film that follows Fosters character Ellie. Ellie is a scientist whose main focus is to listen to radio transmissions for any abnormality, in other words she is searching for extraterrestrial life. Ellie’s program is about to be shut down when she hears it. She hears something she has never heard before, a wave like sound that continues for hours. Ellie and her team analyzed and uncovered the sound to be a message of living life from another galaxy called Vega. However, a lot of trouble comes along with discovering new life. Ellie has to battle with the government and even her own mentors in order to receive the recognition she earned for her discovery. And the most important battle throughout the film is one that is still prevalent today; technology and science versus faith and religion.
In comparison, The Partials novel written by Dan Wells, is a science fiction story that follows Kira. A young girl who is one of the last of the human race, she has survived the revolution that left millions dead. A new world has formed where a plague has hit the humans, and infants are now born with a virus that does not allow them to live longer than a few hours. Kira being a medic in this dystopia, has seen first-hand how the population is slowly dwindling away with no cure in sight. The plague is believed to be due to a war between The United States and China where a genetically altered…

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