Analysis Of The 1969 Apollo 11 By William Safire Essays

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Analysis Midterm
From the independence of Great Britain, to a world of hyper-connectivity, the 1969 Apollo 11 mission was one of mankind’s most ebullient moments in history. First we have The Times of London, with its article Man Takes First Steps on the Moon. The times is a highly recognized newspaper from all over the world. No wonder people believe its credibility. Next is William Safire’s speech called In Event of Moon Disaster that would’ve been given by President Nixon in an event of a failed launch, furthermore is a commentary written by a novelist with the name of Ayn Rand, Rand focuses of man’s greatness and triumph. Finally is an editorial cartoon drawn by cartoonist, Herb Lock or better known as Herblock. Herblock’s main focal point is not the moon launch but more of other “real world problems.” All these text have some in common, the 1969 Apollo 11 mission.
The high-status and distinguishable newspaper, the Times of London provides accurate information about the moon landings success, leaving every space enthusiast and newspaper reader in the world with fascination on the article, Man Takes First Steps on the Moon.
The Times of London uses phrases such as “Tranquility base. The Eagle has landed” (30) by astronaut, Edwin Aldrin the Times vividly informs the readers of the successful moon landing in details. Not only was the Apollo 11 mission successful it shows the triumph that mankind can produce.
The Times is highly recognized from all over the world, we have…

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