Analysis Of Ten Haunted By Mike Enslin

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Chapter two Form the beginning in the movie and the short story we are introduced to Mike Enslin who writes books about haunted places. His books Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Houses, Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards and Ten Nights in Ten Haunted are best sellers, but he internally shows some insecurity and guilt due to his hypocrisy, he believes in the existence of ghost other hand in his books he doesn’t believe in paranormal or in supernatural phenomena.
Enslin hates his book and calls them as “bill-payers” when He learns of a New York hotel called The Dolphin and the room 1408 which is considered to be haunted, and pure evil. He decides to stay in that room as apart of his research for his book Ten Nights in
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“Listen, I stayed at the Bixby House,” he says. “I brushed my gooddamn teeth right next to the tub where Sir David Smith drowned his whole family. And I stopped believing in vampires when I was 12.”
Enslin's problems with Room 1408 start even before he entering it . The door itself initially appears to be tilted. He looks again and the door appears to be straight - then again, and it appears to be tilted Enslin enters and examines the room, and begins recording his observations using small cassette recorder
At first, the room appears to be very typical. It looks simply like some other hotel rooms. Following a few minutes, Enslin begins to see a couple of odd things. The radio turns itself on with full volume, and the chocolates on the pillowcase all of a sudden show up , he feels that Mr. Olin is simply disturbing him. . Enslin starts hallucinate, seeing things, hearing things, and encountering things that aren't there. It gets so awful that he tries to leave, just to find that the door won’t
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He tries to get out, but the key breaks in the lock. The temperature as freezing He opens his lap top and fortunately, he’s able to contact his ex-wife through Skype. He asked her to call the police and get them to the Dolphin . suddenly the sprinkler opens up and drenches the computer, cutting the connection . Of course nothing of that, appear in the story.
All of a sudden, the room starts to crumble down . The different pictures on the wall turn out to be live scenes of disaster. One of them, is a ship on a stormy sea shows the ship crew battling against the climate to keep their ship above water. Enslin crushes it and all the water flood out he is now struggling not to drown .
He stirs on a shoreline, hacking and choking. He is transported to a Los Angeles hospital. Ex-wife appears, glad to see that he is alive. He share with her of his encounters. Since his wife is a New Yorker, she tells in that there is no hotel called the Dolphin. So they thought all what happen was a bad

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