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Tell Me A Joke Paper Question: Why did President Obama get two terms? Answer: Because every black man gets a longer sentence, (Laugh Factory). A stereotype is a rigid, oversimplified, often exaggerated belief that is applied both to an entire social category of people and to each individual within it. Stereotypes form the basis for prejudice, which in turn is used to justify discrimination and attitudes. They can be positive as well as negative, (Lane, 2016). In reference to the joke stated above, not all black men get longer sentences than white men. In fact, not all black men commit worse crimes than the white male. Most stereotypes are not true, such as the one above. Being that blacks are under whites, this joke makes sense. Not …show more content…
Discrimination against African Americans is common in history and still today. It has gotten so bad that there has been jokes made to accommodate it. I don’t feel as if this is how the world should be. We shouldn’t make racist jokes about one another, especially since most of the jokes are not true and can be proven wrong.
Conflict Theory deals with seeing one group as being mistreated unfairly. It can be defined as proposing that each individual or group struggles to attain the maximum benefit, (Tischler, 2014). I chose this theory because I feel like it relates well to the joke. African Americans are not treated fairly in our society. Even after we had the first African American president, there was still hatred among this minority group. A minority group can be defined as a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their lives than members of a dominant or majority group, (Schaefer, 1995). Conflict theorist focus on ways to improve on inequality. Race is a key factor when it comes to social inequality. The function of a conflict analyst is to find out how inequalities
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To me, it reflects a form of social inequality which can be defined as ways in which socially-defined categories of persons (according to characteristics such as gender, age, ‘class’ and ethnicity) are differentially positioned with regard to access to a variety of social ‘goods’, such as the labor market and other sources of income, the education and healthcare systems, and forms of political representation and participation, (Walker, 2009). Power struggle is a major component when it comes down to conflict theory. If the roles where switched, the joke would be switched as well. According to Tischler, Marx explains that benefits go towards the ruling class. When it comes down to school systems, the legal system, churches, etc., the ruling class gets all benefits and not minorities, (Tischler, 2014). In comparison, the jokes claims that being a minority means you deal with much more things that you should not have to. Being a minority, you have to deal with unfair rulings just because of the color of your skin. I do not feel that all blacks get longer sentences because of the color of their skin. This may be the case sometimes, but not all the time. Stereotypes like these are made to be proven wrong and in a society like ours, I think we should continue to prove every one

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