Analysis Of Ted Kooser 's ' Tattoo ' Essay

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The function of imagery in Ted Kooser’s “Tattoo” Ted Kooser’s poem “Tattoo” can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. One way to interpret this poem is that the tattoo is used as imagery to explain how old men are constantly trying to re live his youth; the way he did when he was young. It is apparent in this poem, but this is not the main issue the speaker is addressing. The issue the speaker describes is how time changes a person. Another way this poem can be read is that tattoos can tell a personal story. Many people conform judgments on a person, based on tattoos. Some of those people who have tattoos are images representing something meaningful, while others are drunken mistakes. Tattoos can be seen as a symbol of manhood; with age manhood and the tattoo are diminished. In “Tattoo”, the speaker realizes how people’s appearances changes with age, but they still remain the same person throughout their whole lives. Through the old man’s tattoo, appearance, and actions, the speaker is able to depict what has changed about this man’s life, and in some ways he has stayed the same. The man’s tattoo is a symbol of his strength and over time it has become nothing more than a bruise on his shoulder. Tattoos are can be often depicted on large strong men and/or many military personnel. Tattoos are not for the weak; there is an excruciating amount of pain while getting one. The old man was tough because whimsical people do not get tattoos. The speaker says the…

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