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Individual Assignment: Analysis of Team Charter
Individual Assignment: Analysis of Team Charter Learning Team # is comprised of five students made up of (NUMBER OF MALES) (INSERT HERE) and (NUMBER OF FEMALES). Comparing personalities, Team # has three extroverts versus two introverts, three intuitive versus two sensing types, three thinking versus two feeling types, and four judging versus one perceiving type. (Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment, 2008).
Using the team charter, understanding our Jungian 16-Type personalities can assist in dealing with conflict. (Team Charter, 2008). Potential barriers to the achievement of the team charter goals are:
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NAME admitted that she needs to, “Slow down and evaluate what (she is) going to say before (she) respond(s).” (NAME, 2008). Interestingly, the men scored the lowest in the listening test while NAME received the lowest female score. (How Good Are My Listening Skills Assessment, 2008). NAME, who scored the lowest, says he often doesn’t pay close attention to detail. (NAME, 2008). If listening skills are translated into attention to detail, the team members who scored the highest can take the time to ensure that those who scored the lowest have complete clarity on assignments and tasks.
Studies have shown that unconditional trust is the most important element to a successful team. (Jones, 1998, pp. 531-46). NAME scored the highest in the trust test, but admitted that she can be gullible. (NAME, 2008). NAME, NAME, NAME and I came in second with a score reflecting high faith in people. (Do I Trust Others Assessment, 2008). NAME is the most skeptical when it comes to trust but is willing to, “Give people the benefit of the doubt.” (NAME, 2008). Those who are less likely to trust others in the team could use the team charter to see that they need to improve in this area.
Our team’s strengths and weaknesses are fairly balanced. Where one teammate is weak, another is strong. For instance, NAME and I have strong writing skills and can help NAME and NAME, who need improvement in this area. (Team Charter, 2008). NAME, NAME, NAME

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