Analysis Of Teaching From Within

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This Is Who I Am

In the article “Teaching from Within,” the author states, “When I do not know myself, I cannot know who my students are” (Palmer 3). The fact that I know who I am and how I want to teach will help me become the superhero that I want to be. As someone who has been bullied most of her school life, I 'm inspired to become a teacher who helps spread awareness of how bullying can affect students and their studies. This awareness will guide me to make the classroom a safe and a fun environment. I want to build a trusting environment where they can come to me and talk. I want to help students to change their view about school and help them to not only grow as a student but as an individual. I want to spread my love of teaching to
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I hope that I can be the teacher who lights the fire in their students ' lives in education and to help students better themselves in their future. I need my future students to understand that I am here for them no matter what. I want to be the teacher who is seen as someone who cares and is also fun and engaging. I want to help my students as best I can. I want to be able to assist them with reaching their full potential. I know that every student learns differently. I want to be able to recognize all their needs and learning styles and help each of them to succeed in life. I know this will take time out of my life, but I know by this time I am putting in, it will change the life of these children and encourage them to be better. I also do not want to be the teacher who is just there for their academic achievements but for their future endeavors. I want to be able to encourage students to go after their …show more content…
I want to be able to make an impact in the education system and change my students. I want them to understand the academic concepts, but also learn and establish life skills, so they can go out in the world and make a difference themselves. My goal to start this transition is building a relationship with them, so they can trust that I do care and I want to help them. I want them to understand that I love what I do and I want to share that love to them. In the article “Truths About Leadership” Rick Reis states, “Leaders are made, not born” (Reis). I hope for my future students that they will become leaders and encourage other students to become leaders as well in education. I know not everybody is born a leader, but I hope they will learn to lead in their own education. If they do not break down the barrier inside them of I cannot, then they will never

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