Essay about Analysis Of Taylor Adams 's ' Five Signature Themes

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Taylor Adams is not only someone who is in the learning community, but is someone I have grown really close with over the past two months. At the beginning of the school year, Taylor’s first impression of me is that I was very weird and too much. “I just thought you have a huge personality and I did not think I was going to mesh well with you at all”; that is what Taylor said when I asked her about her first impression of me. Since Taylor could not quite understand me, it would only be fitting for me to choose her to interview. Taylor’s five signature themes include: developer, positivity, adaptability, woo, and empathy; I decided to only focus on her empathy and positivity themes. Empathy was chosen because I have a tendency to not try to understand other people 's emotions and problems. It is not that I do not care about other people’s emotions and problems, but it is that I don’t care enough to be bothered it. Taylor’s empathy is definitely a trait I would like to understand more about.
Taylor believes her empathy strength will take her far in her life. She believes having that trait, gives her an advantage to helping people in life. Religion heavily influences her life, so she believes she should always be there to help anyone out.” My empathy theme will enable me to help my friend out with their problems and to better understand them. The theme makes me look like a very dependable and understanding person.” What Taylor said was very pleasant. It is nice to want to help…

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