Analysis Of Taran 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essays

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Although weeks passed and Beltane loomed, the weather was labile. One day, spring sunshine warmed the path, and the next, squalls bringing sharp particles of ice blew in and out. During the pleasant weather, it was easy to remain upbeat. However, when it grew cold and windy, no one fared well.
A late-season snowstorm struck, and Taran and his group tramped through the woods, desperate for cover. Taran recalled braving wild storms with Nikon, and he had to fight tears. How ridiculous was it to miss a horse after everything that had happened? He kept his misery to himself, lest the men think him soft.
However, the storm drifted off as quickly as it came. By late afternoon, the snow had melted and the sun shone down through the tree canopy. Spirits lightened.
“A little dusting,” said Bili, carrying Blayre in a nursing wrap. “I knew it would pass.”
Taran grinned at his best friend. Bili’s daughter was the best baby imaginable. She was adorable and only cried when wet or hungry. Occasionally, she squawked during the early evening hours, but the group took to passing her around and spoiling her with attention. Blayre would calm instantly.
But the baby’s favorite place seemed to be in Bili’s arms, and he referred to her as “Da’s little princess.”
“Bili, I think you would nurse your daughter if you could,” said Arlen, giving him an elbow.
Bili cradled Blayre’s head protectively. “Maybe I would!”
Arlen tossed his head back and laughed. “Oh, how fatherhood has changed you.”…

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