Why Students Cheat Essay

Taming the Cheating Epidemic Have you ever cheated in school? For most, this is an easy question to answer, "Yes." Today, students succumb to cheating for numerous amounts of reasons: I forgot to study, I need a good grade, or because they simply forget to do the assignment. These minor reasons are the typical sayings that 'cheaters ' use to justify themselves. When it comes down to it, the major reasons that students cheat academically is because they feel pressured to do so by their peers and school. Stopping this ongoing epidemic will not be easy, but by creating more effective ways of teaching and learning, and also inspiring integrity, academic cheating will not be necessary. For many, school is like a competition and grades are what dictate who is better or worse. However, in this case, grades dictate who the smarter or better-prepared student is. Consequently, cheating goes hand in hand with …show more content…
Today, getting into a University requires remarkably high grades and exceedingly high-standardized test scores. For many, earning good grades is tough, and they resort to cheating so that they can get into a University. Through cheating, they are aiming to maintain or boost their GPA; in fact, 80% of high school students cheat for this reason (Cheating Statistics). Similarly to cheating to get into college, many students cheat to simply graduate either elementary school, high school, or other levels of schooling (Cheating Statistics). In addition, students also cheat for their teacher 's sake (3 Reasons Why). An educator may have been teaching a topic for several weeks and expects everyone to get a certain question on the test or quiz correct, but if someone does not know the correct answer, he/she may feel pressured to cheat in order to get the correct answer (Cheating In School). Overall, these forms of academic cheating are 'school pressured.

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