Essay on Analysis Of ' Tale Of Two Brains '

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Love is one of the most powerful things a person can experience in life and celebrating that love and making it official and permanent with marriage is a wonderfully beautiful thing. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that marriage doesn’t have its complications. In the video titled, “ Tale of Two Brains”, we learned about some of the differences between men and women such as how they communicate and think differently. The talker was minister and marriage expert, Mark Grungor. In this informative and hilarious video Mark shows couples that struggles in a marriage may be because men and women think about life in a different way and most of that stems from the fact that we are wired differently. It has been shown that there are differences in the structure of men and women’s brains which also means there are differences in how they react to situations. Women are much more complex than men. Additionally, the two genders process things differently. When it comes to their brains, Mark suggests that men’s brains are filled with boxes and that when they converse about a subject they go to a certain box and won’t discuss anything outside of that box. Personally, I was shocked and amazed by this revelation from Mark because things are starting to make a whole lot of sense when I think of the experiences I’ve had in my relationship. In contrast, female brains have everything connected and that’s because they care about everything and are motivated by emotions. Furthermore, males…

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