Essay on Analysis Of Sylvia Plath 's ' Lady Lazarus '

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Poetry comes to people in many different ways and times of their lives, as for me, you can say we are perfect strangers. But never the less that fact will not get me out of this essay. So with my expectations low, I started browsing through some poems. Just when I was about to give up on finding an interesting poem that I liked and could understand, I came across Sylvia Plath’s “Lady Lazarus” (pages 549-551). This is a dark poem about a woman and the things she experienced while in a concentration camp during the Holocaust ultimately ending with the characters death. As for the overall theme I believe “anger” would be the best choice. While reading this poem the author used a lot of symbolism to create very disturbing and painful images that will captivate ones imagination. I believe most of the pain and resentment in Sylvia Plath’s work came from her depressed life plus her failed marriage. Plath was a great poet born 27 October 1932, in the popular city of Boston, Massachusetts. Her depression started at a young age, which she expressed in her diary. At age 21 was her first attempt at suicide by overdosing on a sleeping medication. After recovering while still at a young age of 24, Plath would marry Ted Hughes. Ted was also an accomplished poet and writer of children’s’ books from England. Together they would have two children, first a girl named Freida, then a boy named Nicholas two years following. But this was not enough for Ted and he left his beautiful family for…

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