Analysis Of ' Sweat ' By Zora Neal Hurston Essay

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In 1926 Zora Neal Hurston published a short story about a married working woman named Delia and her struggles to gain independence and peace through here husbands perspective in the story “Sweat”. This story has become to surpass its simple ideas of marital struggle between two people into a story which vividly fosters discussion about female equality and the struggle woman have face to get there. In “Sweat” the protagonist is not only looking for equality in her own household but she is also obtaining certain measure of gender equality through her diligent work place triumphs. “Sweat” is rare in its ability to transcend racial and cultural issues to openly discuss the severity of a singular major issue which is gender equality in the early 20th Century
Delia a middle aged woman once described as a beautiful young woman full of joyful light has been purged for years of her happiness by her physically and mentally abusive husband Sykes. In the first few paragraphs of the story Sykes is described as scaring Delia with his bullwhip as he knows she is tremendously terrified of snakes or anything that resembles one. A few moments later Sykes enters into a fit of rage once he notices the white men clothes Delia is cleaning for her job as a wash woman. Sykes begins to kick the clothes out of there neatly folded piles and threatens to throw the clothes out in the dirt and beat Delia as well. It’s at this moment that Delia’s pursuit for gender equality inside her own household…

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