Susan Glaspell A Jury Of Her Peers

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For years, many females and males have found themselves trying to obtain a place in society where they are not undervalued and treated unfairly by society’s one sided stereotypes. Many desired the opportunity to free themselves from the usual dominated chauvinistic views. Susan Glaspell’s short story, A Jury of Her Peers (1917), describes the lifestyles of a group of females and males who are distinguished by the roles they partake and this at times lead to them being seen inferior members of society. Both females and males struggle with defining their identities and uncertainty of belongings in society. By creating these characters Glaspell conveys to society, how an individual can lose one’s sense of self while trying to uphold society’s expectations. These characters has been forced to conformed their lifestyles, clothes, gestures, behaviors, while not receiving any credit for the hard work that they accomplished. In spite of their gender differences, in this essay I will explore how these roles weaken, impede and create an alliance within females where they are able to outsmart the law and their dominant society. In order to truly comprehend one’s identity, we must define identity: a sense of self, belonging to a certain culture or community. These characters display characteristics of isolation and to a great extent to connect to society. Men throughout the …show more content…
Wright was working on it. As they admired the patches and wondered, “Do you suppose she was going to quit it or just knot it?” (Glaspell, ) The men’s behavior is uncalled for when they laugh at the women and dismiss their conversation of any importance. As a result the women in the story notice that the knot is the same as the one used to murder Mr. Wright. The men on the other hand were concerned on the body and how the murder occur that they failed to notice the small detail in the way the rope was knotted around Mr. Wright’s

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