Analysis Of Susan Gale 's A Good Point When She Says Essay

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Author Susan Gale makes a good point when she says, “if your world revolves around money, you might be living on the wrong planet.” However, it is a fact that much of our world directly corresponds with exchanges and the meanings of it in different contexts. Economics, ecology, and globalization have both similar and different cultural practices, worldviews, and discourses surrounding them that can be seen when looking at disparities in resources and opportunities. Through several course readings and videos, the connections between these key concepts are evident. There are multiple different forms of economies that can be seen throughout the world. There are informal, formal, social, and cash economies. However, these economies are not mutually exclusive; an economy may be, for example, informal, social, and cash. The economic system within prisons is one example that clearly shows the different types of economies. Prisoners are constantly interacting with all four sectors of the economic system. The formal system in jail is obvious; prisons are either government or privately owned, which is a legitimized system. Going along with the formal economy, here are programs in place that can generate some type of income system in place for inmates. This links to a cash economy because with the earnings from some form of labor, prisoners are able to purchase items (in some prisons this includes cigarettes) on “store day.” “Store day” was explained in the clip on prison economies…

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