Analysis Of Susan Bordo 's ' Beauty And Beauty ' Essay

1433 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
As of 2014, global menswear sales have increased by seventy percent since 1998. Sixteen percent of menswear sales have augmented in the United States alone since that year. Despite this trend, it is still quite unusual for men to be so invested in fashion today. So, why does a man being interested in fashion cause so much controversy? It is typical for women to be concerned with fashion and how they look, but why is there a double standard when men begin to be interested in the same things as women? Susan Bordo is a philosopher that examines men in advertising and how their bodies are seen as objects for visual enjoyment in her piece “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body.” Bordo describes her first encounter with an exposed male body as a shocking one because it “caused [her] to knock over my coffee cup” (189) and she also “made a screen-saver out of him” (189). A man being revealed so much in an advertisement during that decade was very unprecedented; however, that is not the case in the present. Undoubtedly, contemporary society has become more accepting of a range of things and men’s fashion is an aspect that falls within that range. In 2016, men definitely have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to how they want to dress. Especially with high end fashion designers such as, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, they show men in a different way than what Bordo saw in the late 1990s. These designers do not expose men, instead, they challenge the ordinary suit and tie look…

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