Analysis Of Sunday The Small Pox Essay

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In “Saturday the Small Pox,” one pattern that is used throughout this passage is the use of objects or ideas to indirectly describe her beauty. In line one, Montagu describes how no one would ever acknowledge the idea of betraying her. This could be indirectly implying that men would never do such a foolish thing because her beauty is so remarkable and is the fairest of them all. To explain her contraction of smallpox, she also writes about how her beauty has fled. In line 9, she notes that her followers are no longer beside her. This suggests that her small pox has negatively affected her beauty and her status. The use of these objects and ideas implicitly describing her beauty is used to generate the feelings she must be feeling like pity and sadness. I felt sorry for her when she wrote, “...and lovers are no more” because it indirectly implies that losing her beauty has influenced things around her, like the Empire. This really keys in on the idea that her beauty is what gives her happiness. Also, it demonstrates that she is a social leader in society and without beauty she no longer has a say.
The significance of incorporating ideas to create sympathy throughout the poem engages readers in a personal troubling situation of their own beauty. At first Montagu brags about her beauty, but then all of a sudden when she’s no longer beautiful she has lost her status, power, and confidence. While I felt sorry at first that her advocacy as a leader is based upon her beauty, I…

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