Analysis Of ' Summer Of Samarkand And Shipping Out ' Essay

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Summer in Samarkand and Shipping Out are both autobiographical essays that use a reflective style to narrate the travelling adventures of the respective authors’ lives. Both Wallace and Batuman colourfully describe the situations they are in and the people they are around, and both relate their experiences with humorous incites and references. The similarities in genre and description and even topic are fairly obvious in these two essays, but the overall tone and detail attention diverge greatly. This divergence is a result of completely different content and purpose between the essays, and although at first the essays appear very similar, a deeper glance reveals a strong contrast between the two. The two areas that are most similar between these essays are their genre and general topic. Both Batuman and Wallace are relating their different travel experiences in an autobiographical narrative. Batuman describes her time in Eastern Europe, specifically in Turkey and Uzbekistan, in a casual, conversational fashion. Wallace, aboard a luxury cruise ship, relates his experience of sailing the Caribbean in a similar informal way, although Wallace’s style is a little more informal than Batuman’s due to his free use of slang and swear words. Both essays follow a similar pattern, which includes individual anecdotes, chronological narrative, flashback clarification, and random side-comments. Description, and highly amusing description, is another area in which Batuman…

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