Analysis Of Street Scenes By Ann Hood

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Critique of Essay Street Scenes by Ann Hood
Ann Hood once said, “I have come to learn that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.” Indeed, it may be very true to say that; one good hug from your family member will give you the courage to overcome hardship than meaningful words spoken by the people
Ann Hood is an American novelist and short story writer; she has also written nonfiction. The author of fifteen books, her essays, and short stories have appeared in many journals, magazines, and anthologies, is a faculty member in Creative Writing program at The New School in New York City including the Street Scenes. It is one of her collection of short essays published in the mid-70s.
Personally, this
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As the author concludes her essay, she says, “the River Street which used to point to my future, now holds the connection to my past” (Hood 3). This evidence clearly supports and illustrates the author’s main idea: the connection between the presence and the past. Hood clearly mentions that the River Street was the major factor that led her to move out from her hometown and move in to bigger city where she believed a better future was awaiting for her. Moreover, that exact same street now makes the present-day Hood to want to go back home and return to childhood where she had so much joyous memories of her …show more content…
In her final sentence, Hoop writes, “From that Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, I stand at its edge, to catch a glimpse of them (her past)” (Hoop 3). This evidence clearly illustrates the author’s connection of her presence and the past. Hood clearly mentions that Dunkin’ Donuts shop had many of her memories as a child. It was where her mother always took her at three in the morning to have early breakfast. She also mentions that the shop also gave her the urge to move to urban area so that she can have better future than those in her childhood hometown. Interesting enough, now that very Dunkin Donuts shop makes the present day Hood to wish that she could go back to her past where she believed she had more loving and joyous memories of her

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