Analysis Of Storrs 's Article On Life Expectancy Essay

774 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
In this article Storrs discusses about the life expectancy in America. Storrs reports that “researchers found that men and women in the United States lived 2.2 fewer years than residents in similar countries.” This piece of logos immediately captures the reader’s and works upon their feelings. Storrs incorporates the opinion CDC’S National Center for Health Statistics and senior study, Andrew Fenelon, in order to exacerbate fear of the people. He says, “The idea that Americans live several years shorter than we would expect them to, given the level of development, is sort of already known, but every time I come across that number it seems staggering that we get two fewer years of life for just living here.” He, himself, seems shocked of this development, which is no wonder why it would startle readers. As Storrs continues further with their article the ethos begins to seethe through the page, especially with this line. “However, other age groups in the United States, including infants, have also been known to face higher death rates.” Stating a logical statistic about Americans was a pretty standard move, but Storrs hit the nail on the head when she added that piece of ethos in about infants. Can you imagine concerned parents reading the morning news to find this on their dashboard, or how concerned they are for their child’s safety in America? I am sure that this piece of information isn’t enough for a parent to wish to move out of America, but would definitely be a topic…

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