Analysis Of ' Still I Rise ' By Maya Angelou Essay

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Ethics In Transition In the poem “Still I Rise”, by Maya Angelou she often refers to people who put her down and ridiculed her, but she had the confidence and willpower to not let those people affect her dreams or personality in a negative way, instead she used her critics negatives comments as fuel inside of her to overcome many obstacles. The work given in high school can not be compared to the work we get in college. I feel like high school did not prepare me enough for college as far as the workload and standards go. High school lacked many things in preparing me for college, teachers were satisfied as long as you did the work. They did not teach us to be perfectionist which is a trait needed to be successful in college, they were okay with accepting sub par work and rewarding it with a decent or good enough grade.

I feel as if the teachers should have held us to higher standards so we could become better students; I also feel that the system in high school doesn 't worry too much about us learning but more about us passing and getting that chapter in our lives over with. These obstacles keep us from developing a strong work ethic. The challenge I faced was transitioning from a high school work ethic to a collegial work ethic. This was a challenging obstacle to overcome because in high school, I did not have to try my hardest to succeed I also had a lot more room for error. It was also a slower paced environment and something I could grasp the concept of easily…

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