Analysis Of Steven Universe 's ' The Series ' Essay

1550 Words Apr 18th, 2016 7 Pages
In a parallel universe, there is a world very similar to our own, in which space aliens who are the physical embodiments of gemstones that came to earth in order to create a new colony. As these aliens started their reign, a rebellion started forming, named the Crystal Gems, in order to stop the Homeworld gems from taking over the Earth. Fast forwards five thousand years and we are left with only four remaining crystal gems, one of which is a human gem hybrid. This is the basic premise of the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe. In many ways, this show is innovating in depicting different psychological and social aspects of life while also creating a space for some progressive and not so heteronormative issues. All this provides and interesting set up for the development of different personalities and interactions of said personalities. And for that, it is the purpose of this paper to analyze the namesake of the series, Steven Universe himself, and see how he can be categorized in the Five-Factor model, whose current model is attributed to Allport and the Big Three Motivations model by Henry Murray. First, let us analyze Steven with Five Factor, and keeping in the pattern of the OCEAN anagram, we can start with analyzing Steven 's Intellect-Openness. Intellect-Openness is the trait that is linked with wanting to have new experiences, high remembrance of dreams and daydreaming (Larsen & Buss, 2014). In this particular trait, Steven can be said to be ranked high on…

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