Analysis Of Stephen ' Defense Of Food ' Essay

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In Michael Pollans essay “In Defense of Food” he makes a compelling argument about the additional ingredients in modern day food. After seeing how Pollan brought up the issues about the added ingredients in food, I now stand on his side when it comes to my opinion about modern day processed food. Michael Pollan proposes five ideas to keep Americans from purchasing most of the processed food that has been taking over ails of stores now a days. Pollan attempts to focus on the logos and pathos appeals to form a connection with the reader to make his argument stronger.
Pollan states “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”. (para. 3) This statement makes sense because of the reason that even younger generations are being brain washed into thinking processed foods are just as healthy or even better than organic foods. Foods have been messed with to create something quick and easy or even healthier for several years. As Pollan stated to be safe a shopper should consider going back even for generations than your great grandmother. Walking up and down the ails of a store most people see new foods every time. Everyday there is a person experimenting and studying new ingredients to add to food to make it the best or healthiest food. This really just means taking a natural food and subtracting an ingredient for many other unknown ingredients to replace some product in the food such as, fats.
When an American is walking through a store shopping most…

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