Analysis Of Starbucks Environmental Awareness

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Starbucks Environmental Awareness
From the start, Starbucks wants to be a unique type of business. Indeed, Starbucks is a company that praises coffee and its custom. All of this brought a sentiment of connection with its consumers and the general public. This vision was sought by CEO Howard Schultz, and he aggressively expanded his company across the United States and eventually, internationally. Since then, Schultz and his team had been experiencing and debuting new beverages or food items that have completely revolutionized the company and made it much more appealing to its consumers. The growth of technology has also played an integral part of Starbucks’s development over the years, which we will pay much more attention to later in this
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In a reality where the use and dependence on plastics reach impressive limits, to deny that they are necessary would be to lie and hypothetically "to give up" to its use would be to return to the "caves.” But, and no one I think would object that accessibility and prices (almost given away) are generating quantities of plastic waste to the degree that it should be considered a global threat to the environment. In addition, the plastic cups where coffee is served damages the environment and if we look at the "anatomy" of a capsule and a plastic cup, we can see that most of them are made of plastic materials with a bit of aluminum. The time it takes nature to degrade, these materials are about ten years and this is according to the website, To address this problem Starbucks is carrying out some very innovative policies that are helping Starbucks reduce its footprint and hopes that other companies can follow this initiative. In fact, according to the official Starbucks website, "We have offered a cup with 10% post-consumer recycled fiber since 2006, after developing and leading the industry to approve the use of recycled fiber for food packaging.” On the other hand, I think it is a great idea to try to motivate customers to bring their own porcelain cups to the store. In addition, if someone cannot bring their own cup they can buy a "Reusable Tumblers" or use …show more content…
Daily, Starbucks lives its three tenants – community, ethical sourcing, and the environment. Therefore, Starbucks is working on pioneer maintainable solutions to help combat climate change. In addition, Starbucks understands that addressing the use of water and energy are a helpful proposition for all. Thus, water conservation, efficient use and avoidance of waste are indispensable to guarantee that we have suitable water today and in the future. Water conservation is part of everyone 's daily life. That is why Starbucks wants to remind the public and its customers that when we save water, we also save energy and money, which helps decrease our environmental impact and it also makes a commercial sense. Indeed, according to Starbucks CEO Howard, “in 2008 we set a goal to reduce water consumption by 25% in company-operated stores by 2015. Since then we have identified several opportunities to use this precious resource more wisely and have spent the last few years testing, validating and carrying out these solutions.” Therefore, Starbucks is satisfied to have surpassed its objective of reducing water use by 26.5% through retrofits to plumbing, water systems and improvements to a new store design ( In the future, Starbucks would

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