Essay on Analysis Of ' St. Louis ' Missouri On The Day Of August 9th

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In St. Louis,Missouri on the day of August 9th, 2014 Michael Brown an African American 18 year old kid was shot by a white cop by the name of Officer Wilson. Michael was walking along the streets on St. Louis with one of his buddies and next thing you know a cop drives up behind them and orders them to move to the sidewalk. Then Michael didn’t take the situation too lightly so the officer and the young man started a physical altercation that lead into the shooting death of Michael Brown. The people of the neighborhood after then started to riot in the streets wanting justice for Michael believing that he was gunned down in cold blood.
At first nobody knew what to do about the rioters or the people standing up to the police because they could not say anything to them because it is a freedom of speech thing and they have the right to say whatever they want. So President Obama stepped in to try and help the situation turning it into a race thing because mostly it was an all African American community who was rioting about the whole thing. So police officers then fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd. Later on in the Investigation Officer, Darren Wilson released that when he seen the young African American male that he thought he was the main suspect in the investigation and decided to take action on the subject. After the autopsy report was released the stories aren’t matching up. Baylark 2
The officer said in a statement where he was asked a lot of…

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