Analysis Of ' Spring Snow ' Essay example

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Kiyo, the main character in “Spring Snow”, often found himself lost in his own thoughts. At one point he told two princes who were staying at his humble abode about the lovely and elegant, Satoko, his one and only true love. He told the princes from Siam, Prince Kridsada and Prince Pattandid, that he would introduce them to her as soon as he could. However, at this point in the story he had just sent a wildly insulting letter to her a couple days before and was trying to take it all back as quickly as he could. Kiyo made mistakes like this throughout the entire book and with these mistakes came panic attacks of how to resolve them. In this particular situation Kiyo left the princes abruptly and ran through the corridor leading to the main house ; he soon grew tired and took a rest on the windowsill. It was there he gathered his breath, thoughts, and emotions. “Unlike dreams, reality was not so easy to manipulate.” (Yukio Mishima, page 51) Kiyo realized he must conceive a plan to resolve his foolish action of sending that letter to Satoko and at the same time he had to arrange his discombobulated thoughts. This however, was reality and not his dreams, thus making it harder to manipulate. Up until the end of the book Kiyo had a brain full of jostled ideas, opinions, and emotions. He tried to clear his mind and come up with solutions to his problems. However, his thoughts over ran his logic, leaving him with a muddled mindset and no clear solution . The idea of manipulating…

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