Analysis Of Spongebob Episode Centered Around His Identity Essay examples

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Remember that Spongebob episode centered around his missing identity? Something as frivolous as a name tag can change the way your identity is perceived. During this episode, Spongebob encountered many predicaments and was constantly stressed about the way people looked at him. His name tag shaped his identity. However, he completely changed when his identity was “stolen”. Whether it’s reality or simply a TV show, identities are shaped by unique characteristics that separates one individual from another. The environment plays a crucial factor when shaping these characteristics; In Spongebob’s case the factor that dramatically affected him was his name tag. Since the environment exposes you to different culture, norms and people, your identity will go through various alterations. Discrimination is a prejudice and bigotry characterization of an individual based on race, sex, age, and ethnicity. Through this inequity racially discriminated Asian immigrants and other minorities are mentally traumatized, leading to an inordinate transition in their identity. Discrimination alters identity and causes forms of distress that society perceives as insecure and apprehensive. Conclusively, many poverty stricken environments populated with immigrants are depicted as problematic to society, because these alterations could lead to thoughts of suicide in distressed individuals. Eddie Huang was a Taiwanese immigrant that grew up in a hostile environment located in Orlando, Florida. “The…

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