Analysis Of Spivak's Can The Subaltern Speak

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Spivak came to the forefront of literary circle with her celebrated essay “Can the Subaltern Speak?” Her statement “subaltern cannot speak” has litigated flames of controversy in the post-colonial context. Spivak‟s statement is actually a onestop answer for all the questions.1. variety cannot be represented under one theory2.They can speak but others don’t have patience to listen them.3.they are not aware of the actual state of themselves Males and females co-exist in this society for the harmonious growth and development of the nation. They share equal responsibilities in supporting the family but at the same time gender difference occurs even in the family. In India the practice of sati was very common and many …show more content…
The denial of self-sacrifice on the funeral pyre of her dead husband is treated with contempt and the society will consider her as a living example of nuptial ingratitude however, the British colonial administration used the body of the widow as an ideological battle-ground for colonial power. In doing so the British were able to justify colonialism, or the systematic exploitation and appropriation of territory, as a civilizing mission. Though women obeyed the whims and fancies of their men, they had a voice within themselves, a voice of dissent and disapproval. All women who became victims of patriarchal The communication that takes place between a subaltern and a non-subaltern is actually lost due to the element of noise. The element of noise is influenced by the racial, cultural and socio-economic factors. The real problem lies in the receiver as s/he is not ready to listen to the sender of the message. The receiver is neither interested in listening to the message nor in a position to decode the message of the sender. It is due to the social and economic factors …show more content…
Femininity can be regarded as one such very powerful ideology : a code of do’s and don’ts often masquerading as free choices. Codes of feminine conduct are overtly or covertly imprinted in the interior landscape of women binding them to gender specific roles Biological differences are seen to beirreducible, but the meanings built around that differences are constructed. She continues to have a veiled existence, the veil signifying a barrier to reality and a metaphor for existence in a twilight zone. Women themselves sometimes come forward to extinguish such embers of resistance. They extend the codes of patriarchal ideology by denying voice and respect to the subaltern women.
The feminine cultural traditions like these, though controlledand celebrated by women, are usually a manifestation ofpatriarchal power literally inscribing itself on female bodies. mentaldecolonization, a process

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