Essay about Analysis Of Spiegelman 's Maus 's ' Maus '

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In Art Spiegelman’s Maus, he uses metafiction to establish things he would not have been able to communicate otherwise. Spiegelman created a character to represent himself in the outer story of the novel. This made the book more credible and created trust between Art and the audience. Using himself as a character helped him portray his emotions toward his father’s story. The utilization of metafiction let us closely see Art and Vladek’s relationship, like Art’s rebellious nature. It also exposed how Vladek treated Artie opposed to how Vladek treated Richieu. All the different ways he uses metafiction help the audience better understand and connect to Maus. Spiegelman making himself a character made it easier to show different points that he could not have done if it was just Vladek’s narrative. One thing that metafiction enabled Spiegelman to demonstrate was his amount of research. Spiegelman reminds the audience many times visually and with dialogue about how much time he spent listening to and researching his father’s story. The first panel of chapter three clearly tells the audience that Art frequently went to see Vladek, each time acquiring more details for his novel: “I visited my father more often in order to get more information about his past” (43). Adding this information makes the audience trust what Art is saying, and lets them know his fathers’ tale is not just a fabrication, but that he dedicated a lot of time in listening to Vladek’s actual accounts. He draws…

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