Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

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Low Cost Carriers
First of all, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) is now one of the important businesses in the airline industry. LCCs’ most strength of service is the price of tickets. They offer lower fare operating short-haul and point-to-point flights. Among various airlines, Southwest Airlines is one of the successful LCCs, and it takes unique approaches to successfully differentiate itself from the competitors. It focuses on people, the process and physical evidence. According to “Southwest Airlines: In a Different World,” Southwest Airlines has been the airline that serves the most U.S. customers with most flights (Heskett and Sasser Jr., 2013). As one of the LCCs, Southwest Airlines offers lower fare comparing with full service carriers.
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While most firms consider differentiating actual products, which are tangible, because customers can easily recognize the difference in quality, Southwest Airlines takes a different approach from other airlines. It focuses on its internal customers: employees. The factor that has made Southwest Airlines as one of the most profitable and successful airlines is its employees. Because it has happy friendly employees, it has happy customers as well. To satisfy the customers through its service, which is intangible, the strategy starts at the hiring process. In the interview process of Southwest Airlines, even pilots are interviewed in groups so that the company can assess how the candidates work in a team and see a critical factor above and beyond the technical skills that are necessary as a pilot (Muduli and Kaura, 2011). Under this process, Southwest Airlines has built a good relationship between employees and customers, and also has successfully created brand recognition, and they remained as a profitable airline when some full service carriers experienced …show more content…
Emirates Airlines emphasizes the focus on the actual product. It differentiates itself by offering the latest and modern service. Emirates Airlines is the second company that purchased Airbus A380, which is the largest airplane. The large airplanes make more seats and space available on the airplanes and attract more new customers as well. Emirates Airlines ordered 90 of the airplanes while its competitors purchased fewer. In this type of airplanes, Emirates Airlines installs a bar and a shower room in the first class cabin to make a difference from competitors. By offering the newest and latest product in the service it has attracted customer’s attentions and increased the number of passengers who use the

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