Analysis Of Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles Essay

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Has someone ever overpowered you? Did they make you feel like you were practically nothing? Many people feel as if they could help to make something better, but are oftentimes afraid to stand up for themselves; this is especially true with females. This is because they feel inferior to men, especially rulers. In Antigone by Sophocles, both sides of the conflict are morally equal. Antigone and Creon are positioned in a conflict that involves right versus right at times and wrong versus wrong at times, but either way, one side isn’t superior to another. Sophocles feels as if Creon is wrong and because of this, he writes in a biased tone throughout the entire drama, uses terminology to describe the positions of the character’s in society, and uses male chauvinism to persuade the reader into agreeing with him. His idea of the drama being right versus wrong is an idea that not every reader agrees with, including myself.
With this in mind, the reader can realize that Sophocles writes the drama in a way that persuades the reader into thinking something that he agrees with. He writes in a biased tone to help the reader understand the drama in the way he meant for it to be interpreted. Many readers don’t realize when they are reading something biased and often times agree with it just because it is written by an author. Authors know that many people will believe what is written, so they write what they want people to believe in. An example of this would be when Antigone goes…

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