Essay about Analysis Of ' Sonnet 80 By William Shakespeare

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Society often views competition as a violent clash, a battle between two parties for monetary wealth, or a race to see which individual can finish before the other. However, people often forget that competition also serves as a means of influencing one’s identity. Competing has been extremely prevalent in shaping contemporary societal identities since the dawn of man, as past conflicts like the Roman political rivalries of the Roman Senate, the British Industrial Revolution, and the Cold War, although regarded as historical accomplishments, still serve as a template for modern culture. In the poem “Sonnet 80,” William Shakespeare conveys that individuals can shape their own identities through competition, as it simultaneously has the ability to drive a person’s desires in life but lead to their demise if they become unable to prevail. Similarly, the award winning TV series Grey’s Anatomy mirrors the philosophy that competition shapes a person’s self through the show’s portrayal of the main character, Dr. Grey, who derives her motivation from being the top student of her class and excelling as the chief of surgery, but becomes miserable and passionless when she fails to save a patient. In the first quatrain of “Sonnet 80,” Shakespeare uses synecdoches, occasional breaks from iambic pentameter, and an observational tone to convey the role of competition on one’s self. For example, Shakespeare attempts to convey competition’s role in influencing an individual’s identity…

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