Analysis Of Sone 's Discusses How Controlling Japanese Parents Are With Their Children

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Sone’s discusses how controlling Japanese parents are with their children, especially in their teenage years. Dating was frowned up, as parents believed it a distraction from schoolwork and it could lead to inappropriate situations. Monica saw this first hand with her brother, as he had a so-called “girlfriend” at a young age that created turmoil within her family. This would caution Monica, to hide any relationships from her family, or simply resist the headache.
Her controlling parents encouraged her to postpone going to college and gaining business skills instead (at a 2-year business college). Her father feared world politics. He wanted his daughter to learn a skill and be prepared for anything that might be down the road, as he sensed another world war. Monica saw this as another “controlling” tactic by her parents, and their reluctance in letting their daughter grow up.
She obeyed her father and placed an application for acceptance, into the vocational college. Once again, she saw the reluctance of the administrators, allowing only a few Japanese-American female students into the school. With society averse to hiring Orientals, the school wanted written proof of a potential job, prior to being admitted into the establishment. Though connections of her mother, Monica was able to get the necessary paperwork and was granted admission.
Monica was determined to catch up with her friends at the University of Washington, and finished her two year vocational training in…

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