Analysis Of Solomon Northup 's Twelve Years A Slave Essay

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Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave, is Northup’s autobiography, where he generally describes the strong view of how freedom is not given for himself. Northup’s autobiography Twelve Years a Slave, has influenced the meaning of freedom. The book was published in 1853, the year when Northup was finally a freed man and went to reunite with his family in New York. Freedom means the state of being free. The book shows that freedom plays a significant part of his life and reveals how he is able to change and become a free man. Northup, born as a freed man in the North is taken away the South to become a slave. Being black in the South in 1853 has its disadvantage. In addition, Northup uses examples from other slaves to strengthen the theme of escaping slavery and achieving freedom. Northup represents the transformation of American slaves towards liberty because he devotes his time to creating a positive mindset to escape mental and physical slavery.
Northup feels that there is no chance for him to gain any freedom. The moment when slaves are physically beaten brutally and harmfully, there is nothing a slave can do. The devastating scene that Northup describes is when when Radburn and Burch both were seizing him and tortured him (45). When the two slave owners are both severely abusing him, he feels as though there is nothing that he can do about it, yet he still remains positive. The way that Northup had been tortured being a slave is what he has to deal with every day. When…

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