Analysis Of ' Snow White And The Huntsman ' Essay

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In the movie snow white and the huntsman the queen Ravenna wants to be in power of the whole community and everybody has to listen, obey and honor her just like Creon in the play Antigone is stubborn and wants everybody to honor and never go against him.
The play Antigone is a tragic play with emotion and death. In the beginning the two brothers of Antigone fought each other for the throne. Creon became king and said that one of the brothers was not to be buried. Antigone the sister of the two brothers did not accept that and disobeyed Creon. Creon sends her away thinking his son wouldn 't kill himself but at the end he ends up loosing.
I 'm connecting determination to the actions and the events of the play Antigone because Antigone stood to Creon doing what she thought was right even if it meant disobeying him leading to her death.
In the play Antigone Creon is a tragic hero because at the beginning he was more understanding and listened to the people of Thebes. Towards the end he became selfish and stubborn. He is quick to anger and is rude. Creon is the king of Thebes but they way he rules is awful and how he treats people around him. He is quick to anger and rude.“Stop now-before what you 're about to say enrages,e completely and reveals that you 're not only old but stupid, too”. Creon in this quote is talking to the Chorus. The chorus is trying to give advice to him but creon in his stubbornness doesn 't want to listen to an elder thinking he know more than…

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