Analysis Of Smoking Cigarettes

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Smoking Cigarettes is a universal problem, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control states that "Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year and 42,000 deaths from second-hand smoke." With cigarette advertisements, it can either bring the interest of consumers to try cigarettes or bring disgust for them not buy it or quit. Advertisements that bring cigarettes into a good light usually show a picture of someone or some people hanging out and having fun with eye-popping colors as their background. They bring the excitement that cigarettes are enjoyable and fun and you will experience the same joy as those displayed in the picture. The advertisements that spotlight cigarettes in a bad light, bring more of …show more content…
In the Newport advertisement, the vibrant green represents harmony in the picture as the young people are having fun. The vibrant orange represents adventure as they may be taking a vacation to a tropical island. This image directly targets young people and brings about the joy of taking the cigarette as the cigarettes are displayed above the picture. There is a Surgeon General 's warning that can be usually disregarded as the colors are displayed in white and black text that is very bland and dull, even though it is warning to the user 's health of what would come about it through ongoing use of the drug. As Webneel opposes Newport, Webneel 's denotations are quite dark in a sense of a depressing state. Its gloomy background displays sadness as it shows a sad young man who is smoking his life away. The light from his cigarette bud that brightens half of his face resembles the hope he has left inside him to quit, as his body is covered in the corruption of being addicted to cigarettes. The gun that makes up the smoke is the soon to come death, as from every puff he takes he only steps closer to death. This advertisement also pertains to young people as Newport does, but differently putting the fear of what addiction from smoking cigarettes would bring upon the user if they do not

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