Essay on Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Temptation in the Time of Virtue
Once there was a young, handsome man, very loyal and faithful. This young man was King Arthur’s nephew. This knight was Sir Gawain. Although Sir Gawain steps up to the plate, his main priority was to protect and serve and remain loyal and faithful in the process. When temptations creeps around, why not bear down and beat it? That is exactly what Sir Gawain demonstrates in this story. During his journey he remains very courageous. Of course temptations are hard to overcome, but the motive is to be the best with a humble spirit. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight resembles the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Sir Gawain and Indiana Jones ran into a rut with evil temptations. These two characters probably felt pressured to be perfect. Anyways, Sir Gawain is a humble, soft spoken type of guy. Sir Gawain was a knight that rest his integrity in a religious way. His role model was to be like Virgin Mary. He was kind of like what women would say now a days, a hard to find type of guy, because of his faithfulness and loyalty. Sir Gawain was considered as a smart cookie, because he had earned great honors and earned chivalry. For Sir Gawain not being married, I would figure he would have trouble with many women running after him. With this being said, Sir Gawain will later on have troubles with a woman tempting him.

This whole dismantled chaos all began when the Green Knight arrogantly interrupted a dinner between King Arthur and his round…

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