Analysis of Singapore Essay

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Every 1st October, all primary schools would play a certain song in the school hall for the students to commemorate Children's Day. This song, titled "Semoga Bahagia" is written by Zubir Said, the composer of the Singapore National Anthem. In the school hall, children will be led by a teacher to sing together with the music while also learning the meaning of the lyrics.
However what does "Semoga Bahagia" really mean? In the most literal sense it translates to "May You Achieve Happiness". On the surface, the lyrics of the songs extol the virtues of being gracious to one another while also working hard for the future.
As Singapore is going to celebrate its 50th birthday as a nation, in this documentary, we aim to find out what happiness
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Here, we would witness how joyful the spirit of the children can be in this short period of time as we watch children running, laughing and playing.
In the midst where all the happiness takes place, an elderly security guard, Mr. Lee, at the entrance of the school watches over.
The phenomenon of the security guards being employed in schools happened during the period in which terrorist acts of the 9/11 and Bali bombings took place, almost 10 years ago. 10 years later, it has become a common sight to see them in front of many school gates. The security guard, explains to us how he managed to be in this job scope.
He too, remembers the song, "Semoga Bahagia" during his youth, as the song is played to almost every generation of youth in Singapore since its independence. He gives us an insight to his past as a young boy and then brings us to places where he spent his time together with his friends. As he stands there, the places that used to hold his memories have changed dramatically, in the name of economic development.
In Singapore, most of the populace lives in the HDB flat. In this documentary, we would see how their lives take place within the concrete walls and whether they are truly happy.
The 10-year old boy, Patrick, reaches back home, only to see his house empty other than his grandmother. His parents, are out working to bring back enough income back to the family, like many families in Singapore, for it is a norm to see two working parents in the

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