Rhetorical Analysis Of Millennials In The Workplace

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In his optimistic speech, Millennials in the Workplace, (Introduce him a little bit, like saying, “inspirational speech-giver, Simon Sinek”)Simon Sinek emphasizes the problem existing with the lives of millennials who don’t accurately balance cell phone and media use with the reality of the world, physically. Sinek’s main audience is geared towards any individual who is constantly, as he would say, addicted to their cell phone and social media. As a person who is not a millennial but who has studied more about them has found them to have a low self-esteem compared to any other generation in the world. Sinek is living in a world that consists of media and technology but still manages to create an equal balance between that and his relationship with the non-technological aspects of the …show more content…
Due to the fact, the world consists of so much technology and social media nowadays it makes it difficult to get away from the cell phone, which then makes it harder to enjoy the world’s beautiful creations that lie right in front of us. I believe that spending time outdoors really stretches the mind to think outside of the box and learn positive life lessons that can put an individual at ease. I also feel that developing relationships with others in a face-to-face manner is much more successful and meaningful rather than communicating or even meeting someone through social media. However, social media and messaging does make life fun as well as easier to show friends and family how life is going and by also providing a quicker/easier way to communicate with one another, though learning how to balance both aspects is important. You can’t always depend on technology nor should you just shut yourself out from the technology world because it is useful, but to manage the time and usage wisely between the two is what millennials need to understand and

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