Analysis Of Sidewalk By Mitchell Duneier

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Sidewalk by Mitchell Duneier investigates a complex social ecology of a three block span of New York’s Greenwich Village. The Book offers a look at a community and public life. In the book Duneier takes on a stretch of lower sixth ave that is very much frequented by scavengers and panhandlers. Duneier worked for months at different vendor table’s on the street, thus aiding in gaining insight from the streets. In the book he talks about run ins with small local business owners, as well as their opinions on panhandlers.
In the first part of chapter four, duneier talks about a convenient store owner named Jose Torres. Torres managed a convenient store located on Greenwich Ave right near Sixth Ave. According to the book, Duneier states “Aside
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This is where panhandling gets tied in with the “broken windows” theory. Manshel stated that the groups policies were influenced by the “broken windows” Theory. In addition to arguing against panhandlers and scavengers, Manshel also argued against that of the book vendors on the street. He asked “why is it that these people choose to be on the street?” Manshel continued by asking “Is it a legitimate lifestyle choice for these people to operate your business in the public way?” (Duneier). Personally, I do not agree with the argument Manshel made at all. I believe that people do not simply chose to be on the streets whether it be living on the street, or operating a business in the “public way”. There are many factors behind said choices. For most, they do not choose to live on the streets and panhandle for a …show more content…
For example, the book talks about an occurrence where vendors from another table occupied Muhammad’s spot before he arrived. His wife arrived a few moments later and had place to set up. The vendors said things like “why should we lose money because of her?” and “don’t move none of our stuff.” So, needless to say, his wife and daughter were forced to set up on the other side of the line. However, it seems that one other vendor fought for them to get the spot back once he saw that it was Muhammad’s daughter going to run the table that day. Other vendors then joined in arguing for the daughter, which then resulted in a fight breaking out. Thus aiding in creating social

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