Analysis Of Shirley Jackson 's ' The Lottery ' Essays

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The short story written by Shirley Jackson is a haunting tale inspired by the events following the discovery of concentration camps during the Second World War, and showcases the importance of thinking for one’s self. The Lottery has a folksy tone, a group of small villagers gathering together for a community event, no different than a dance or holiday event. The Villagers draw out of a box until one is eventually found the winner, and stoned to-death. The event of deciding who dies is not important, it is the reason for the drawing that the reader should draw their attention to. “…Lottery in June be corn soon.” old man Warner’s claims as a justified reason for the sacrifice of human life. The event known as the lottery is conducted to preserve prosperity for the village in the minds of Mr. Warner and the other villagers, this same justification was used in order to justify the segregation and genocide of the Jewish and gypsy populations during the 1940’s. Shirley’s story takes place just three short years after the conclusion of the Second World War. Which makes it a bit of a stretch that after living through the most costly war in terms of human life, that a piece of literature on the willingness of people to commit murder wasn’t influenced by the holocaust. How do people become so accepting of murder and sacrifice, is the question this piece ultimately possess to the reader. The village is a society that’s fully accepted the role of murder in order to protect the common…

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