Analysis Of Shirley Jackson 's The Haunting Of Hill House Essay

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One’s personality begins to develop within the womb; the same place everyone’s connection with his or her mother begins. The role of the mother holds an impact on their child starting from the very beginning. This impact can both benefit the child in some ways, and cause damage him or her in other ways. The way the child is affected molds their identities as adolescence and is carried with them into adulthood. According to Erik H. Erikson, the development of one’s identity “’begins’ somewhere in the first true ‘meeting’ of mother and baby as two persons who can touch and recognize each other…the process has its normative crisis in adolescence and is in many ways determined by means of what went before and determines much that follows.” (23, Erikson). In Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, Eleanor and three other characters are visiting a haunted house for the summer; however, the haunting is mainly geared in relation to Eleanor. One can observe that an abounding amount of the haunting done in novels such as The Haunting of Hill House is often the connection one has with their mother figure, which can also cause an identity crisis, as it does with Eleanor.
Shirley Jackson is known for writing gothic literature that “illuminate[s] a darker aspect of the ambivalent mother-daughter relationship…” (pg. 325, House Mothers and Haunted Daughters: Shirley Jackson and Female Gothic). Jackson has other common threads within her novels, such as “a woman’s troubled relation to…

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