Analysis Of Shirley Jackson And The Summer People Essay

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It is impossible to write anything new. Everything has already been done, already been said, but writers take inspiration where they can get it, read what other people have written, and this encourages them to write something of their own. They add to the ongoing conversation. Sometimes, experimentation with writing happens as writers feel the need to, maybe not say something completely new, but to say it in an innovative way. This is how new genres, such as American fabulism, are born, coming out of comparable stories like “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson and “The Summer People” by Kelly Link. There are many distinguishable features belonging to fabulist stories, so many that not all of them could be named, and Jackson and Link incorporate just a few. Both use realism as the canvas for fabulist elements, write in ways that inspire a tone typically associated with fabulism, and integrate aspects of folklore into the magic of the story. This paper is going to compare and contrast Jackson’s story with Link’s story in this fabulist frame. One of the calling cards for American fabulism is the way writers set the story in a realistic world and then add elements of the fantastic, something that both “The Man in the Woods” and “The Summer People” do. “The Man in the Woods” begins with a man walking down a road. It describes the setting in its realistic detail, but from the very beginning, sentences like, “He had been walking since morning, and all day the day before that,…

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