Analysis Of Shire 's For Woman Who Are Difficult Essay

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Explication The most notable quality of Warsan Shire’s For Woman Who Are ‘Difficult’ To Love is the theme of the poem, which manages to convey a sincere commitment to substance and urgent subject matter with a convincing universal intimacy. Poem Eleven depicts an informative lesson learned by a nameless woman while she experiences life with a man that deems her ‘difficult’ to love. The scenario is complimented as a narrator’s recollective perspective illuminates the ambiguous motif representing the dramatized conflict between the act of diluting self identity rather than harnessing the power embedded within feminine individuality. 
 The poem opens with the use of the second person pronoun ‘you.’ This initial word choice demonstrates that the author places a higher value on the process of emotional appeal as the declarative pronoun accordingly permits each individual reader to immerse themselves into the role of the speaker. Once this linguistic decision is considered, it is understood why the poem does not appear to convey a standard systematic form. It could be inferred that this structural indifference is meant to transcend the defining importance of the piece past the primary development of the underlying elements of literary composition, specifically in reference to strict metrical restraint. This would conclusively lead to the construction of a poem that embodies the capability to attain a tangible sensory experience. Donald Davie, English Movement poet and literary…

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