Analysis Of Sherwood Anderson 's Winesburg, Ohio Essay

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In Sherwood Anderson’s, Winesburg, Ohio, the author intends for the reader to sympathize more with Wing Biddlebaum, a once-proud schoolteacher, over Doctor Reefy, a social recluse. The style with which Anderson wrote each character played a significant role as to how the readers will interpret them. Readers can sympathize with the type of isolation that was forced upon Wing Biddlebaum more than the self-imposed isolation of Doctor Reefy. The accusations made against Wing which forced him out of his home-town evoked stronger emotions from the reader than those felt for Reefy. The author’s intentions when writing each character, as well as the style he wrote them in makes Wing Biddlebaum, an outcast from his old community, a more sympathetic character than Doctor Reefy. Wing Biddlebaum exposed his true self to those closest to him, whilst doctor Reefy kept himself bottled up in his office. Wing has only ever had one person close to him in Winesburg, George Willard, who occasionally stopped by and allowed Wing to express his creativity. During one of their talks, Wing came out of his shell, and condemned George’s “…tendency to be too much influenced by the people around him” (Anderson 30). This shows his ability to analyze the world around him and express himself in many different ways, something not evident with Doctor Reefy. This highlights the fact that Wing is a very intellectual person; however he must keep all of it to himself because of his past. He constantly lives…

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