She Walks In Beauty Gorden Analysis

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In “She Walks in Beauty” by George Gorden, Lord Bryon, the poet describes a woman’s impeccable beauty and how mesmerized he is by her. Many scholars have been in conflict as to who he is describing and what his relationship with her is. We can guess that she is his lover based on the awe that he projects and some even believe that she may be a close family member of his. I believe that he does love her in a romantic way, however she is someone he cannot touch or even hope to build a relationship with as she is as mysterious as night and far like the moon.
In the first stanza and first line he says she walks in beauty. He does not necessarily say she herself is beautiful, but her motion and the way she carries herself elegant and ethereal, much
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She is presenting her pure happiness, possibly from the simple things in life, and nothing to extreme. Though however fascinating and extraordinary she may seem, she is a woman who enjoys the daily pleasures and there is pure kindness in her heart that would not appreciate wealth and glory as she does life and love. The Literary Devices site states that the reason for her pleasant nature comes from her outside beauty and thus is the reason for her purity and innocence. He concludes the poem with this; “A mind at peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent!” (Lines 17 and 18). At this last stanza I find that Bryon thought of her so much more than just a pretty face. All of her is beautiful and he may be the only one who sees that. Finally after how carefully he described her in a slow and calm way, he ends the poem with an exclamation point as if he is crying for her. She has put him in awe through her love and it is not even directed to him. He needs her balance to keep at ease and she could be the home he always wanted. It is possible that this last line can foreshadow a future in which she sees the pureness of his love for her to build a selfless bond between them.
Bryon’s poem is unlike many others by which we can clearly understand and even feel, not only his emotions, but hers as well. This art of his symbolized the night, serenity, and a simple woman admirably and we can paint the picture of what she looks like though his vague, yet somehow graphic description of her. His theme was to describe woman’s beauty and innocence and how her mysteries led to a calmness that could only be felt by lovers of the

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