Analysis Of ' She Knows ' Essay

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In J.Coles “She Knows” he uses a juvenile young man to demonstrate the life of a average suburban family and the struggles they go through. By looking at the the two scenes spoken about in this essay, we can see what exactly J.Cole means in his title “She Knows”, which most viewers don’t see; this is important because J.Cole changes the meaning of “She Knows” through the entire music video. The first important scene starts with the young man being dropped off by his mother and father on his way to school. This scene is significant because previously before the young man left the house he stole money from his parents and the young mans mother gazes at him in the car as if she knew what exactly he had done. The second important scene starts with the young man gazing at his mom after school as walks into his house only to find his mother having an affair with another man. This scene is significant because it changes what the viewer had once thought the meaning of “She Knows” was. Starting with the scene where the young man is dropped off by his mother. The scene takes roughly two to three seconds, all of which the mother is scolding the young man. The fact that she is staring at him leads the viewers to believe that she knows something is up, and conveniently the young man previously that day stole money out of his parents dresser. This scene is a typical point of view shot, allowing the viewer to fully understand what the mother is thinking as she scolds her son. In this…

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