Analysis Of Shane And Carl Are Out Hunting And After Killing A Rabbit

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Shortly following those events everyone is gathered around a campfire reminiscing about what they used to do before all of this started which is perpetuating good feelings around all the members of the group. Those shortly go away when Amy leaves to go to the bathroom and gets attacked and killed by a zombie. There are more than one this time though, and during this fight Jim gets bit on his arm, which eventually leads to him being left out in the wild to die. This all contributes to the final collapse of the group’s security. This was the first large scale attack on the camp and this one poses even more of a threat because they were supposed to feel more secure since now they all had guns. This is where I believe Shane realizes that it may actually be his fault that this is all happening all because he will not listen to Rick. Although he may finally realize this after they bury Amy he still tries to cling to his ideals. Rick, Shane and Carl are out hunting and after killing a rabbit Rick makes a joke saying “Good one. Few more of those and we’ll be set.” (Kirkman) Carl then responds with “We don’t have to get as much as usual dad. Amy’s dead and Jim’s too sick to eat.” (Kirkman) Rick responds with “I know son… I know.” (Kirkman) This gets Shane infuriated and he says “God dammit Rick! It’s not my f*cking fault!” (Kirkman) Which Rick then promptly tells him that it is his fault and that he told him that they weren’t safe where they were. Shane then tries to defend his…

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