Essay on Analysis Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Harold Bloom described Emilia as once being “silent and obedient” and is hardly noticed throughout the play, until the end, when she is replaced by a “searingly honest character” (Bloom 38). I agree with Bloom, that Emilia’s true character does not emerge until the end of the play. Many have argued that Emilia is as cunning as her husband, and collaborates with Iago to bring about Othello’s downfall. I believe that Emilia is unaware of Iago’s intentions, but rather cooperates with Iago in order to please him and play the role of the obedient wife. Emilia’s true character, a friend who will not tolerate injustice, emerges at the end of the play, when she realizes Iago’s intentions. The first gift that Desdemona ever received from Othello was a white handkerchief spotted with bright red strawberries. In Act III, scene III, Desdemona comforts Othello with her handkerchief, but accidently drops the beloved handkerchief in the process. Othello claimed that he had a pain upon his forehead, and was not well. Desdemona tried to comfort him by binding his forehead with the treasured handkerchief, which represented Othello’s love to her. Othello, angry from the rumors about Desdemona that Iago had been spreading, irritably pushed the handkerchief away from him. The cloth fell to the floor, unnoticed, and Othello and Desdemona both left. Emilia, who witnessed Othello pushing the cloth to the floor, quickly picked up the napkin to give to Iago. Iago had wanted the handkerchief for a…

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