Essay about Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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Literary Essay: Macbeth What does it truly mean to be a woman? In the 11th century Scotland, a woman must either be an elegant lady, a loving wife, or even a damsel in distress when crises arise. By being all three of these women at once, Lady Macbeth becomes the focus of the exploration of female gender roles in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. She shows that no matter how strong or “masculine” a woman is outwardly, words will always be her only weapon and her dominance in her household cannot be shown in the society, and that trying to break out of gender stereotypes will only lead to one’s ultimate failure and downfall. This can be seen explicitly through her interaction with the men in the play and her final death. As Lady Macbeth makes her debut in Act 1, Scene 5, it is shown clearly that as strong and cruel may want to be, the only weapon that she possesses are her words and it is men who eventually carry out the bold and bloody deeds. After reading Macbeth’s letter concerning his victory and the witches’ prophecies, Lady Macbeth reacts by stating that she would “pour [her] spirits into [Macbeth’s] ear” and “chastise [him] with the valour of [her] tongue” (1.5.ll 25-26), which means that she would use soothing words to persuade Macbeth to murder King Duncan. This is shown to be true in her success in convincing Macbeth and he proceeds to carry out the murder. However, as dominant and determined as she may seem in comparison to Macbeth being too full of the “milk of human…

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